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Incorporating Herbs in Every Day Life

Mama Odie

Meet Mama Odie

My name is Odette, some people call me Odie and many years ago I got the nick name Mama Odie.

I love learning and I love sharing knowledge. I am on a constant path to better myself and feel my best. In April 2021 I embarked on a journey to improve my health, which lead me to learning about herbs. And now I am officially a herb nerd with my very own home apothecary.

I have learnt so much over the last two years and there is still so much more to learn.

I am passionate about herbalism and bringing it into everyday living to enhance, compliment and improve overall health and wellness of my friends, family, community and hopefully yours.

After much reading and studying from books, I started tinkering in my apothecary. I have created salves, balms, tinctures and remedies for my personal use.

One such remedy I created was FIRE CIDER! I had a scratchy throat and took a shot of my fire cider, I’m glad to say that all signs of the onset of my cold cleared up and the next morning I had no scratchiness in my throat or swollen glands. I was so amazed at how well it worked, I decided that it would be the first product for Mama Odie Herbals. And here we are….

Here's to the herbs that keep us healthy, may we forever be humbled by mother nature and grateful for the nourishment she provides us!